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Toe Fusion – wearing MBT’s can REALLY help you to walk again

MBT sneakers in grey £125

MBT shoes for men and women

Deep breath…toe fusion..I’m seeing SOOOO many fused toes. Is it a new fashion? On large bone on the end of your foot that won’t bend?? Seriously it’s becoming so common these days there must be millions of you out there… and so – I know something that can really help. MBT’s shoes are great for many, many reasons but one of the key ones is that MBT Shoes can bend the foot for you… because of the curved sole unit there is no need for your foot to bend in any shape or form… Forgetting all the other amazing benefits – improved posture/toning/pain relief/ you can just get on with life and walk again with MBT. See our full range online at or call us on 01904 611588 and I wil take you through the benefits of MBT and make sure that you are buying the right thing for you. Exclusive Footwear are authorised stockists of MBT (be careful there are LOTS of fakes out there) and we have access to the WHOLE MBT stock list – so if there is a style that you want – let us know and we can get them for you… honestly don’t suffer in pain – if you haven’t tried MBT – believe me it will be the best £180 you have ever spent.


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Best of British…Mens Handmade Designer Shoes at Exclusive Footwear

Barker Westfield hand made Brogues

Barker Shoes Westfield Brogues in Cedar Calf Leather.

Best of British…. Footwear

The English have long since been at the top of the game of men’s shoe making. The factories in Northampton all stand testament to this long standing, highly skilled traditional industry. Handmade shoes in my opinion are the one luxury that we should invest our hard earned pennies in…

Just think about it…. A pair of stunning men’s shoes, all stitched by hand, each nail hammered into the heel one nail at a time by the trained hand of a master craftsman. And let me add, that this pair of shoes will probably last you ten years, because, no matter how heavy you are on your feet, you can get them full re-soled by that same master craftsman time after time. These shoes are very good value for money. You will probably pay about £240 for a good handmade pair of men’s English shoes, which I think is a very affordable luxury.

Just to give you an idea of the heritage I’m talking about…take Barker Shoes as an example: Founded in 1880 by Arthur Barker, he started making shoes in a workshop at the bottom of his garden. 130 Years later the company is still run by family members, committed to making sure that genuine quality and individuality are consistent in their shoemaking as is the maintenance of the very highest of standards. Each pair of shoes is a work of art. I don’t think shoes get better than that.

I can’t help but be in absolute awe of these men’s handmade shoes.. I;m going to let you into a little secret.. it was actually men’s shoes that got me into the shoe business in the first place (English brand – Italian made Oliver Sweeney to be precise) My husband was a fan of Oliver Sweeney shoes, we discovered them in Harvey Nichols in Leeds when it first opened many moons ago and he was hooked – but to be honest so was I. I fell in love with these men’s shoes and so did he. Oliver Sweeney were not selling online at the time (back in 2003) and when I was considering options for setting up my own business – I thought to myself – “I know I’ll just sell Oliver Sweeney shoes online”! My eureka moment was not so easy to follow through and bring to reality, I have to hasten to add, but seven years on from that moment I’ll still selling Oliver Sweeney shoes.

English shoes were a later addition for me, I started with the very quirky range of Jeffery West shoes – again another brand that I still sell (online at Handmade stunning pieces of very edgy men’s footwear – all very unique and very different from anything I had seen before. You can tell a pair of Jeffery West shoes in an instant. I then discovered to my delight the ranges by Grenson, Barker, Cheaney, Crockett and Jones and Churches (now owned by Prada). Some of these brands I have dabbled in and some I have looked at longingly from afar… But all of them are without doubt champions in their field. Putting aside the wonderful shoe making in Italy and Spain (who without doubt make the best women’s designer shoes) The English have definitely made it to the top of the pile with their men’s shoe making. So here’s to buying British!

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MBT launch a super toning shoe

I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of MBT.. They have literally worked wonders on my legs and bot.. Not to mention my I need no conversion.  I wear an old style of MBT called the Chapa that MBT have been dying to get me out of (because I should really be wearing their latest designs) the thing is I LOVE my old chunky soled MBT’s they feel amazing and I can feel every muscle working as I walk.  So how surprised (and pleased) was I to see that MBT agree with me.  They are launching a “Super Shoe” at the end of this year – which looks amazing (having been designed by an award winning designer) but guess what – here is the old deep sole unit – back again in it’s full glory!!! I knew I was right!!! It’s not cheap though at over £250 – get saving – but do get some!! (If like me you want to wear them purely for toning and posture improvement)

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Oliver Sweeney is back in my favourites….

Exclusive Footwear was born out of my husbands (and consequently my) love of Oliver Sweeney shoes.  I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the brand and the Oliver Sweeney company, but Oliver has been very poorly of late and hasn’t had as much influence as he normally would have had in recent shoe designs… Until now…! The new stock that has arrived has been created using Oliver’s old shoe designs – see echos of Poitier and Bullet… Absolutely scrumptious Oliver Sweeney shoes and definitely worth adding to your collection! As ever the stock we have is made to order so is limited so grab them whilst you can.. Don’t forget to register with us for your 10% forever customer discount.

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New Exclusive Footwear Site Launches

Hi Everyone,


The team at Exclusive Footwear thought you might be interested to know that we have just relaunched our new look website.  The site is at the same address

Don’t be a stranger and come visit.

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Treat Your Shoes Right

A lesson; in the damage caused by not treating your shoes right; but how they can be repaired if you don’t.

If you love your shoes, but can be a little bit careless when it comes to their maintenance, then here are three golden rules for shoe care; Only wear them every other day (at the most), to put shoe trees in them at the end of every use, and to polish them regularly. Not following the first one will make the shoes wear out far quicker than needed; ignoring the second will lead to shoes wrinkling and losing their shape; and not polishing will lead to the leather drying out as well as losing protection.

These shoes were wrinkled, scuffed and, most importantly, worn down severely on the heel and sole. The biggest danger with this wearing down is that both the full heel and the welt need to be replaced. Both are expensive; but the second point is this can only be done a few times on a pair of shoes – so by letting the damage get that far you are needlessly shortening their life.
The welts on the shoes were replaced as well as the heel, and a new full leather sole was added. Because of the excessive wear and lack of care, there were also a few places in which the leather had been worn down or lost its colouration. So it was cleaned, creamed and then antiqued to blend the new colour with the existing wear.

So… if you follow the few simple rules, your shoes will last longer and will prevent you from paying out unnecessary money.

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More Cool Shoes

Just because you hoard cats doesn’t mean you can’t subscribe to Vogue. In other words, being a crazy cat lady doesn’t automatically make you a total freak. Get yourself a pair of Smoking Cat Shoes from Charlotte Olympia’s Fall 2011 collection. These velvet styles are available as pumps, flats, and sky high, super chic wedges. The fashionable feline footwear comes in red, leopard print, or black.

Charlotte Olympia has also created some other unusual designs:

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