Lelli Kelly NEW Season Girls Sparkle – Glam Little Misses Dolly Shoes

Well here they are at http://www.exclusivefootwear.com – a sign of brighter and better weather – the Lelli Kelly new season girls canvas dolly shoes stock has now arrived online. As glittery and glamourous as always – love’em or hate’em the Lelli Kelly shoes just fly of the shelves!!! Thanks to all of that lovely advertising and their make up gifts that little girls just LOVE…. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I really did resist getting the brand in store – but now I’ve got it – you’ve got to admire these little girls shoes… Italian made, each bead and sequin has been hand-stitched – they wash really well in the washing machine and because of the removeable in-sole they just last and last – fitting wise… And.. the little princesses – well they just LOVE them… If you want to treat your little girl this spring/summer go for a pair of these. One note though and this is not me with a hard sell…they will fly out of the door and before we have any summer at all parents will be doing the rounds desperately looking for stock because everyone is sold out…get a pair sooner rather than later!

Lelli Kelly Denim and Pink Rosa Baseball Boots

Denim and pink sparkles from Lelli Kelly


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Blundstone Australian Classic Chelsea Boots – Now in stock

Blundstone Boots Stockist

Blundstone chelsea boots

Blundstone have been around since 1843 producing hard wearing, long lasting quality footwear – and now it’s here at Exclusive Footwear. In classic rider boot styles with elasticated sides and robust (non slip) sole units – Blundstone are a real Australian classic brand.. see them online at http://www.exclusivefootwear.com. We can get you any style or line that they produce be it mens/womens/kids – great footwear at a really great price. Welcome to Exclusive Footwear Blundstone!

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Trickers Now in Stock at Exclusive Footwear – THE BROGUE

Handmade Trickers Shoes

Trickers Brogue Bourton Shoes

I’m thrilled to bits to announce that we are now stockists of Trickers Brogues. These are handmade shoes that are literally made to last a life time. Made using age old traditional shoe making methods – Trickers use welding processes that are not adopted by any other shoe making company – which makes them truly exceptional. There are four styles that sell above any other all based around the traditional Acorn Antique tan leather. They are Trickers Bourton, Stow Boots and Malton. There is a HUGE trend around brogue shoes at the moment with some great examples from Barker and Loakes – but if you are looking for the creme de la creme then this has to be it. They are online at http://www.exclusivefootwear.com and retail at £360. You can also call us on 01904 611588 to make a telephone enquiry.

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Dentists Footwear – Toffeln Eazi Klogs (look like Crocs only better!)

Toffeln Cloggs - as favoured by Healthcare Professionals

Toffeln cloggs, non slip, safe, easy to wash and meet all the safety standards for work in the NHS.

We have recently become a distributor for a brand called Toffeln – they are highly favoured amoungst the Healthcare profession – look at the feet of any hospital worker – if you see a rubber shoe with holes in it that looks like a Croc then it’s likely to be a Toffeln Clog. So we are going to make Dentists our next best friends with our range of Toffeln Clogs – so calling all Dentists and Dental Hygenists – if you are looking for a new pair of Toffeln Cloggs for work then look no further – Exclusive Footwear will give you the BEST price and offer the BEST service. Visit our website at http://www.exclusivefootwear.com or call us on 01904 611588.

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Dubarry Boots..Does it again! Galway in Walnut – THE MOST WANTED (does someone want to try BROWN?? pictured)

Dubarry Boots

Dubarry Boots – the MOST wanted pair of footwear this season – without doubt!

So here we go again! With Dubarry being the clear winner this season… And rightly deserved. In this UK soggy climate with rain a constant – why shouldn’t you look stylish and have dry feet at the same time? The Dubarry range of boots have a Gortex lining so they are fully waterproof no matter what the weather. I really don’t think that there is a better way to spend your money – if you are lookinig for value this season. Give us a call for any Dubarry product as we are distributors for the whole brand. http://www.exclusivefootwear.com or call us 01904 611588

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Love from Australia Hunter Quilted Boots – A key fashion statement for this winter from LFA Boots

Love from Australia Hunter Black Nappa Sheepskin Boots

The quilted LFA Hunter boots – new for this season

We have just taken delivery of our NEW season Love from Australia Boots (or LFA Boots as they are sometimes known) Just in time for the cold snap that is due our way. One of the key styling features for this seasons hottie is the quilting effect that is all over the shops this year – with a true Chanel essence the LFA boot in Hunter style this year – wears it well! It comes in black, chocolate and caramel nappa sheepskin with buckle fastenings (all for show!) This is a great offering from Love from Australia and we don’t see it being around for long! We sell a full range of LFA boots on our website at http://www.exclusivefootwear.com and we also are able (as one of they key stockists) to be able to order ANY LFA style of boot that is currently in their stock (but not on our site) so if you see a boot you like from LFA – give us a call and we will get it for you.

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Hunter Aubergine Adjustable Welly – the MOST popular Hunter welly around??

Hunter welly with adjustable leg width in aubergine

Hunter welly aubergine adjustable wellies – the best selling Hunter welly of this season

Is it me – but is the Aubergine Hunter welly with the adjustable leg – becoming the MOST popular welly of the last two years? Are we all going to be walking around in purple wellies as opposed to the traditional green? Without doubt we at Exclusive Footwear – in both stores I might add – York and Newcastle – sell more Hunter Wellies with the adjustable leg than any other welly – also in one key size – 6!! So…before all you men descend upon us on Christmas Eve looking for Aubergine Adjustable in size 6 – think on and BUY them now – whilst there is stock!

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