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Oliver Sweeney Shoes – are back in fashion at Exclusive Footwear

ImageI launched Exclusive Footwear all the way back in 2005 on the back of the much famed and incredibly hard to find Oliver Sweeney Mens designer shoe brand… Oliver was designing shoes out of a little shoe shoe studio in Devon – I remember how hard I begged them to let me take the brand.. I wanted to sell them online..can you believe that… ONLINE – my goodness – we can’t let anyone sell them online.. how hard they resisted…!  So, eight years on and a few account managers later – here we are again.. excited and loving them.  Oliver Sweeney will be launched online at in about two weeks time when our NEW website goes live… keep an eye out for it – and if you are not a registered customer already – then it’s worth doing so because we will send you a little reminder when the new site is live… exciting times at Exclusive Footwear x 🙂 Frances x


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Exclusive Footwear – the re-launch

I’m so very excited… and it’s because we are about to re-launch with a brand new look and feel.. new ranges and new va va voom.. We have survived one of the toughest retail and trading environments in history and we are coming back.. bigger, brighter and more sparkly than ever before.  Our high end designer footwear offering is welcoming new brands and some old ones are returning.. Our customer service will make you feel more special than ever… so just watch this space.. bear with us please.. and keep a look out for your favourite brands.. Collections from Oliver Sweeney, Cheaney, Jeffery West and K&S – with spring summer ranges from old favourites such as FitFlop and Geox.. keep with us guys… we are coming back with a bang! F x

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FitFlop brings out a stretchy tall boot – Due by FitFlop – Long over due!

FitFlop Due Stretch Boots

FitFlop Due stretch boots – worry no more about calf width!

At long last – a boot that fits all calf widths… congratulations FitFlop – looks like you really are on to a winner this time! The FitFlop Due Stretch boot is on the horizon! Oh the sighs I hear as ladies try to zip up that boot… and try as they might – that zip never goes up… not now ladies – fret no more….comfort and fit in one great looking winter boot… if you have not tried FitFlop then you really should.. like em or loathe em – I’ve just spent another summer in my FitFlops… yes I’m ready for a change, but you know…they are just soooooo comfy! Am I getting old? Probably! I think having to run around all day means that comfort is not a luxury any more – it’s a must have and FitFlop does fit that bill. So ladies – but us a few weeks and we will have these little beauties in stock at – don’t forget if you register online with us you are entitled to our Forever EF discount.

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Dubarry Boots – New boot launches – Stylish Additions

dubarry longford boots walnut

Dubarry Longford boots £335 at Exclusive Footwear

Thrilled to bits to see the new Dubarry boots launched this season – and half wishing that I’d waited with my Clare in Walnut for the new Dubarry Longford…buckles and fastenings – hmmm liking them ALOT… They’ve launched them in black and walnut – then also added to the stable (pardon the pun) a new shortie boot – again a bit more stylish called the Roscommon which is a new version of the Kildare.. liking them!!! I think Dubarry are definitely going to be the brand to watch out for next winter… Yes.. I’m clearly a BIG fan.
BTW my newly acquired Clare are amazing.. I paired them up with the cream Alpaca socks (£35 rrp) and have never been so comfortable or warm in any other pair of boots… I’m not sure why anyone should suffer wellies when they can save up and buy a pair of Dubarry and have them for the next 10 years..Got to be worth saving up for! See our full range of dubary online at – we also take telephone orders on 0191 2327610 or 01904 611588

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Toe Fusion – wearing MBT’s can REALLY help you to walk again

MBT sneakers in grey £125

MBT shoes for men and women

Deep breath…toe fusion..I’m seeing SOOOO many fused toes. Is it a new fashion? On large bone on the end of your foot that won’t bend?? Seriously it’s becoming so common these days there must be millions of you out there… and so – I know something that can really help. MBT’s shoes are great for many, many reasons but one of the key ones is that MBT Shoes can bend the foot for you… because of the curved sole unit there is no need for your foot to bend in any shape or form… Forgetting all the other amazing benefits – improved posture/toning/pain relief/ you can just get on with life and walk again with MBT. See our full range online at or call us on 01904 611588 and I wil take you through the benefits of MBT and make sure that you are buying the right thing for you. Exclusive Footwear are authorised stockists of MBT (be careful there are LOTS of fakes out there) and we have access to the WHOLE MBT stock list – so if there is a style that you want – let us know and we can get them for you… honestly don’t suffer in pain – if you haven’t tried MBT – believe me it will be the best £180 you have ever spent.

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Lelli Kelly NEW Season Girls Sparkle – Glam Little Misses Dolly Shoes

Well here they are at – a sign of brighter and better weather – the Lelli Kelly new season girls canvas dolly shoes stock has now arrived online. As glittery and glamourous as always – love’em or hate’em the Lelli Kelly shoes just fly of the shelves!!! Thanks to all of that lovely advertising and their make up gifts that little girls just LOVE…. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I really did resist getting the brand in store – but now I’ve got it – you’ve got to admire these little girls shoes… Italian made, each bead and sequin has been hand-stitched – they wash really well in the washing machine and because of the removeable in-sole they just last and last – fitting wise… And.. the little princesses – well they just LOVE them… If you want to treat your little girl this spring/summer go for a pair of these. One note though and this is not me with a hard sell…they will fly out of the door and before we have any summer at all parents will be doing the rounds desperately looking for stock because everyone is sold out…get a pair sooner rather than later!

Lelli Kelly Denim and Pink Rosa Baseball Boots

Denim and pink sparkles from Lelli Kelly

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Trickers Now in Stock at Exclusive Footwear – THE BROGUE

Handmade Trickers Shoes

Trickers Brogue Bourton Shoes

I’m thrilled to bits to announce that we are now stockists of Trickers Brogues. These are handmade shoes that are literally made to last a life time. Made using age old traditional shoe making methods – Trickers use welding processes that are not adopted by any other shoe making company – which makes them truly exceptional. There are four styles that sell above any other all based around the traditional Acorn Antique tan leather. They are Trickers Bourton, Stow Boots and Malton. There is a HUGE trend around brogue shoes at the moment with some great examples from Barker and Loakes – but if you are looking for the creme de la creme then this has to be it. They are online at and retail at £360. You can also call us on 01904 611588 to make a telephone enquiry.

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