FitFlop brings out a stretchy tall boot – Due by FitFlop – Long over due!

FitFlop Due Stretch Boots

FitFlop Due stretch boots – worry no more about calf width!

At long last – a boot that fits all calf widths… congratulations FitFlop – looks like you really are on to a winner this time! The FitFlop Due Stretch boot is on the horizon! Oh the sighs I hear as ladies try to zip up that boot… and try as they might – that zip never goes up… not now ladies – fret no more….comfort and fit in one great looking winter boot… if you have not tried FitFlop then you really should.. like em or loathe em – I’ve just spent another summer in my FitFlops… yes I’m ready for a change, but you know…they are just soooooo comfy! Am I getting old? Probably! I think having to run around all day means that comfort is not a luxury any more – it’s a must have and FitFlop does fit that bill. So ladies – but us a few weeks and we will have these little beauties in stock at – don’t forget if you register online with us you are entitled to our Forever EF discount.


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