Lelli Kelly NEW Season Girls Sparkle – Glam Little Misses Dolly Shoes

Well here they are at http://www.exclusivefootwear.com – a sign of brighter and better weather – the Lelli Kelly new season girls canvas dolly shoes stock has now arrived online. As glittery and glamourous as always – love’em or hate’em the Lelli Kelly shoes just fly of the shelves!!! Thanks to all of that lovely advertising and their make up gifts that little girls just LOVE…. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I really did resist getting the brand in store – but now I’ve got it – you’ve got to admire these little girls shoes… Italian made, each bead and sequin has been hand-stitched – they wash really well in the washing machine and because of the removeable in-sole they just last and last – fitting wise… And.. the little princesses – well they just LOVE them… If you want to treat your little girl this spring/summer go for a pair of these. One note though and this is not me with a hard sell…they will fly out of the door and before we have any summer at all parents will be doing the rounds desperately looking for stock because everyone is sold out…get a pair sooner rather than later!

Lelli Kelly Denim and Pink Rosa Baseball Boots

Denim and pink sparkles from Lelli Kelly


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