Toffeln Cloggs and Mules now added to Exclusive Footwear’s product range

The Toffeln Ezi Klogg in lime

Non-slip cloggs – ideal for the work place

In a world where perhaps a glittering pair of heels is perhaps not a necessity – work shoes always will be. So…we are taking the plunge and entering the world of footwear for work. In my quest to find the perfect footwear to work all day in I’ve come across this prized range.. Toffeln footwear. Toffeln have been around for about 5 years and are best known for their clients in the NHS. They adorn the feet of surgeons, theatre nurses, ward staff and just about everyone one who graces the ward of a UK hospital. They are great for other walks of life too.. dentists, those who work in catering and work in retaurant kitchens, lab tecnicians.. the list goes on. Just about everyone who has to have comfortable, non slip, safe, hygenic footwear at work will find a place for a pair of Toffeln Mules or Cloggs. Toffeln have just launched their most prized shoe to date.. the Toffeln Ezi-Klog. This shoe has the CE mark for quality, is fully washable, supports the foot in all the right areas, is non slip, anti-static – the perfect shoe. Exclusive Footwear are able to supply the whole Toffeln range – so I’m thrilled to bits to be able to add this range of footwear to our portfolio. Welcome to the boutique world of shoes Toffeln!


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