The Three S’s Shoes, Sex and Sport..

The Fashion of Sport..

Fashion and sport have been linked together for a long time..going back to the 70’s it was the edgy footballers of the day that set the trends for the masses to follow. Looking back their perms and European brands such as Lacoste and Sergio Tachini brought back from their trips to the continent led the way for masses of soccer casuals.. let’s just see how over the next few weeks a new set of edgy trend setters will be born. The new league of “winners” will strut their stuff in branded fashion accessories maybe as part of a sponsorship maybe not..but that’s where the brands want to be on the backs and on the feet of the new trend setters, the new sporting heroes. Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a few of the pre event profiles of some of these rising stars and have been blown away by their dedication and drive.. I think we can all learn a little from these amazing sports men and women from Victoria Pendleton with her amazing focus to Ashley Mackenzie the Judo champion who has beaten all adversity to become a champion in his field..lets see over the next few weeks how these champions lead us in a different way in the form of fashion.. Footballers I suppose with their enormous salaries can afford to lead from the front wearing couture brands..and who wouldn’t with their disposable income..but the major fashion brands long to be seen on their backs too.. Oliver Sweeney a few years back sponsored the England Cricket team and more recently Marks and Spencer’s produced the suits worn by the England Football team – lucrative deals for the sports men of the day – giving hooks that will engage a whole new audience to their brand. Increasingly sportswear brands are becoming interlinked with fashion too and fashion designers turn sport designers.. Stella McCartney produced a range for Adidas recently and Alexander McQueen (God rest his soul) did a collaboration with Puma. The two really do go hand in hand. Sports wear = fashion and fashionistas want to engage the masses…who wouldn’t want an audience the size of a football stadium. Sporting footwear has also secured its place in the high fashion stakes lets take Yohji Yamamoto who produced his Y3 collection for Adidas..this range of footwear can be found in most high end fashion boutiques..Collaboration there are many Marc Jacobs and Luella have in the past designed trainers for Vans and hat designer Philip Treacy worked with Umbro. It’s going to be very interesting seeing how the next few weeks unfold releasing a whole new range of champion fashion wearers upon us.


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