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Get in shape..and help your bad back (if you have one!!)

MBT Jambo sneakers for men and women

MBT jambo in red

Get in Shape and REALLY tone up this summer… (and get rid of any back or joint aches at the same time!!)

Over the last few years there has been lots of talk about shoes that will give you a marvellous behind…but could they really keep to their promises??

A recent court case in the USA has thrown out the claims of certain brands as nonsensical….all but one…and my true one favourite MBT.  I have been a wearer of MBT shoes for almost three years, since  a customer of mine (who was a long term wearer of MBT) suggested that the only reason her baby tummy had disappeared was due to wearing MBT’s.  Within five minutes of her leaving the shop, I kicked off my Jimmy Choo’s and have never looked back!  The change in my body shape was almost instantaneous… first I had an aching lower back (MBT’s improve your posture and force you in an upright position which your back muscles  strongly object to) then I noticed my calf muscles were more defined and then the back of my thighs and then my bottom lifted.  I am walking proof that they work.  The only think is guys and gals, they won’t work from the bottom of your wardrobe.  Get this…. You need to wear them!!! This is where the stumbling block is… MBT’s are not, and never have been the best looking footwear out there, in fact they have been referred to as “special shoes” and I really can’t deny this.. With their thick sole units and Swiss styling they really are not the best looking things, but they really do work.  MBT’s work for you in two ways and for two separate clients.  Firstly there are the body changing wearers such as me, who wear them just to tone up.  The second group of people who wear MBT’s really can’t do without them.  MBT’s help people who have bad backs, arthritis, hip problems, knee problems, foot name it, if there is a physiological problem out there MBT’s wearers will have found a benefit from wearing these things.  Exclusive Footwear are now the authorised fitters of MBT for Leeds and York District Hospitals.  We fit customers for MBT’s before they go for an orthotic fitting..we do this very well.  We know our product and we know our stuff.. I think the most important thing to mention here is when we speak to these customers, we actually know what they are taking will work for them in a number of ways.

The way an MBT’s works is almost like stepping into sand.  The “massai sensor” on the shoe – which is really a soft, squidgy pad compresses as you step upon it and then you take off with the curved part of the middle of the sole of the shoe.  Your toes never touch the ground and nor does the ball of your foot.  This makes MBT a really good choice for those who have fused toe bones or feet that cannot bend because the shoe does all the bending for you.

Walking with MBT’s increases muscle activity by 40% so you actually burn more calories walking in MBT’s whilst improving your posture at the same time.  They really are miracle pieces of equipment! By the way and for the record, that claim comes from me – a user – and not MBT!!

Aside from that, MBT are incredibly comfortable.  Once you start wearing them you will be hooked!

So before you run to the gym after work (or don’t as I do!) then give MBT a try.  For the price of a pair of (not so good) party heels you could see a body changing experience.  Take it from me..they really do work!  Oh and by the way, I still have a wardrobe of towering heels which I do wear two or three times a week because I think it’s good to alternate your footwear. F x

MBT offer a range of styles from their website at and also on our website at We don’t hold a massive range as we prefer to offer the whole range on a special order basis.  Please call Frances on 01904 611588 for more information on MBT and how they could help you.


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Hunter Brit Wellies in Pewter and Navy now online and in-store at

Wow – have you seen these babies!!

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Hunter Kids First Wellies Back in Stock at

After a long wait (October!!) we (

Hunter first childrens wellies in pink

Hunter first wellies in fuscia pink

have finally taken delivery of our Childrens First Hunter Wellies – the pink in particular have been like “hens teeth” to pardon the pun! Honestly, thank goodness we never saw the snow that was expected this year – there would have been some very wet (and unfashionable) little feet out there! Anyhow the Hunter First Wellies are so unbelievably cute.. they come in navy, red, green, yellow and pink and go from sizes 4 to 6.  Next season (winter 2012) they will be brining out some little welly warmers too – which to be honest they were missing this year, as lets face it – wellies no matter what brand really are’nt the warmest of footwear to wear in the snow.  So if you are interested grab a pair now – they make lovely christening and baby presents too.. Fx

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