New Season Lelli Kelly Shoes – Love em or hate em? They are back in stock at

I resisted them for a while but now I can’t get enough of them! I’m talking about Lelli Kelly girls shoes.  The little canvas pumps hand stitched with beads and sequins can, I would say look a bit commom – but you really have to appreciate them.  Lelli Kelly shoes are an Italian brand and you have to congratulate them on their marketing campaigns, streamed directly into the homes of millions of little girls – who – lets face it – want the make up gift more than the shoes…but either way, they are great sellers, last ages and do indeed go in the washing machine (once they get too dirty to bear!) The new season Lelli Kelly shoes come in lots of styles but the first ones I have taken for the season are Butterfly Rosa Fantasia, Peonia Fuxia Fantasia, Mariposa Multi Fantasia and Glitter Kate Argento Glitter.  All the shoes this season come with a hair accessory and make up ring.  So, love them or hate them, if you have a little girl in your life, make their day and buy them a pair of sparkly, sequined shoes – I’m sure she will love you for them!! F x

Lelli Kelly Rosa Butterfly Shoes

The Lelli Kelly Rosa Butterfly Shoes - fit for a princess!


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