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Come on Dubarry….! The Galway is the winning boot!

It’s officially a stampede for Dubarry boots this year…move over Hunter wellies…!!  The Dubarry range has been the most wanted range of footwear this year and I can only see it’s popularity rising.. In store customers come in to drool over the range…truly aspirational footwear and such a great investment. I had one customer come in to our store to replace a pair she had worn well for 12 years… That’s what I call value for money..with such a great look too.  Dubarry have also been an amazing company to work with and we are able to offer every product in their range, right down to their amazing little tartan mini skirts and long socks.. Ask us for anything in the range and we can source it for you… If you are still stuck for a gift idea…it’s still Dubarry all the way… What a brand!!!

Dubarry Galway in brown

Dubarry the winning boot brand for 2011


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