And I forgot to mention…Dubarry Boot Liners

Dubarry chinchilla boot liners

Warm and snuggly this winter..cozy toes with the Dubarry boot liners

 Dubarry have a boot liner too..did I forget to mention that..I think I did! Well they do – and I love them.  The sock bit is a tad thinner than the Hunter Welly Warmers which is not a bag thing – but the fur is total luxury.  Faux fur in Chinchilla and tinged with several shades of black/brown/grey they could go with anything really… But here’s a thing.  One of our customers today came in looking for a pair of furry boots… but what she actually wanted was a stylish boot with a fur topper.  Tad ahh! I twinned a pair of K&S tan boots with the Dubarry boot liner and voila! Furry stylish boots with removable fur! Genius!  The Dubarry boot liners are £24 – and come in a range of colours which we will be happy to order in for you.

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