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Timberland Boots All The Way….

If the weather gets as bad as it’s forecasted then I don’t think you guys can go further than Timberland Boots this winter.. Timberland was a brand that we “acquired” when we bought Breeze shoes back in 2010 and now I can see why the former owner of Breeze favoured the brand so much..aside from the great styling the quality of Timberland footwear is outstanding…and the prices are great!!! My favourites so far have been the Timberland Earth Keepers (pictured) but there are some amazing styles in stock.  We hold full and half sizes in most lines and can generally get in ANY styles that Timberland produce whether it be colthing, womens or kids footwear.  Give us a try with any style… Loving Timberlands!!!!

Timberland Earth Keeper Boots in Dark Brown

Timberland Earth Keeper Boots in Dark Brown £135


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Don’t you just HATE it when retailers don’t offer refunds! Exclusive Footwear Do!

I’ve just had a chap in buying a pair of Hunter wellies in Aubergine Adjustable (THE most popular Hunter welly by far!) and he said that he’s been to a very well known retailer over the weekend who wouldn’t refund his money if he changed his mind (or his girlfriend did!)… I cannot stand this type of retailling.. I can see why retailers would do it – but you know what…I’ll never shop with them! I think these days most of us ar in a hurry..we buy things and prefer to try them on in the comfort of our own home and then if they are not right (or the other half doesn’t like it) they you can take them/it back for a refund.. Credit note.. NO THANKS!!  Since the day Exclusive Footwear was launched, it’s ethos has always been to offer a full refund to all of our customers.. I think this should be standard with all retailers don’t you?

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And I forgot to mention…Dubarry Boot Liners

Dubarry chinchilla boot liners

Warm and snuggly this winter..cozy toes with the Dubarry boot liners

 Dubarry have a boot liner too..did I forget to mention that..I think I did! Well they do – and I love them.  The sock bit is a tad thinner than the Hunter Welly Warmers which is not a bag thing – but the fur is total luxury.  Faux fur in Chinchilla and tinged with several shades of black/brown/grey they could go with anything really… But here’s a thing.  One of our customers today came in looking for a pair of furry boots… but what she actually wanted was a stylish boot with a fur topper.  Tad ahh! I twinned a pair of K&S tan boots with the Dubarry boot liner and voila! Furry stylish boots with removable fur! Genius!  The Dubarry boot liners are £24 – and come in a range of colours which we will be happy to order in for you.

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Dubarry Dromoland Boot Bags + Boot Care Packs have landed for Santa!!

How exciting the Dubarry Dromoland boot bags are here…how smart are they!!! In dark blue with the Dubarry logo on the side – how posh will you look turning up with your Dubarrys in a bag!!! Very, very cool and at £25 they make a great stocking filler!  The protector trial kits are also in stock at £10 and this gives you a sample off all the great care products that you can buy to keep your Dubarrys looking like new.  We also have the boot liners in Chinchilla in stock – online very soon!!!

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FitFlop Chukker Boots for Men – COMFORTABLE…….

If you men out there haven’t tried FitFlops yet then you are missing a trick!! They are so very comfortable and look great too.  Us women know all about them.. most of us have at least three pairs now – so why haven’t the men cottoned on??! The latest styles to come in feature a full black leather lace up chukka boot and a chocolate brown sneaker.  At £110 and £95 respectively they are a really good buy (less 10% if you are a forever registered customer of Exclusive Footwear) Any one with back problems, joint problems or aches and pains will find FitFlop sandals and shoes a real worthwhile investment…go on…give them a try!!!

FitFlop for men the FitFlop Mens Black Leather Chukka Boots

Comfort from FitFlop for Men in the FitFlop Chukka Boots


The Only MBT Stockist in York!

mbt chakula womens shoes

MBT womens chakula casual shoes in black

We were the first and now we are back to being THE only and BEST MBT shoe specialist and stockist in York… How thrilled am I??? Its such a complex sale it was only a matter of time before the high street retailers gave up on their MBT staff training…but boy am I glad they did. MBT’s are amazing pieces of footwear.. Come into Newcastle or York and give them a try!!!

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Kids Hunter Wellies Now in Stock

Hunter wellies for girls and boys including the pink childrens Hunter wellies

The most popular boot last winter and the hardest to find! Kids Hunter wellies in fuscia pink

They have finally arrived..our mini me Hunter wellies for kids. At £32 they really are value for money.. Pass them around your children, your friends children and more and they will still fetch a good price on Ebay! This season we have them in chocolate, aubergine, red, pink, green and navy…the most popular colours in sizes 7-4 get them now before the bad weather comes!!

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