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Barker Woody Shoes – my new favourite mens shoe

Boy did I made a discovery and a half today..I’ve found my new favourite shoe (for the moment!!! I fall in love with shoes all the time) The Barker Woody shoe in cedar calf is absolutely gorgeous.. It has a hint of old style Oliver Sweeney – which of course I’ve always been a huge fan of… The punch hold swirl detail is amazing.  At £170 they are a great investment too.  Check out the black calf too for an amazing work shoe.  Introducing the all new Barker Woody Shoes – all online now.


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Love from Australia Boots – Ultimate LFA Sheepskin Chic and loving it!

LFA or Love from Australia was one of the very first bands I bought on my first foray into shoe buying.  I still remember coming across the LFA stand at one of the UK shoe trade shows…they were tucked around the back of this huge hall – and when I saw the brand I knew it was a winner.  I still do.  I think the “UGG” boot phenomenon will never go away and no matter how these brands try to diversify into sandals, slippers and boots the one core thing they will always sell will be their sheepskin boots.  LFA haven’t disappointed me this year.  I’m totally in love with the new Foxy Tall Zip Fur in Sand.  Retailing at £252, it’s so glamourous!  I’ve also had my head turned by the Tibetan cupid range again.  This boot sold out for us in a flash last year and I can see it going the same way again.  As we upload the new season boots to the website and you see them and fall in love (as I did!) Don’t leave it too late because before you know it there will be no more to get!

lfa boots

LFA Foxy Sheepskin Chic

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hunter wellies – dont be caught short! buy them now whilst there is stock

Last winter the demand for hunter wellies was ridiculous..mind you so too was the demand for their welly warmers (fleecy linings that make your wellies snug) I still recall two female customers in my shop in york fighting over my last pair of well faded display warmers… We all needed wellies let’s face it, and if you are going to wear a welly then it has to be hunter.. The wet weather this week has seen a growth in sales in wellies particularly kids, having had to place a re-order this week and being told november delivery…all I am saying is be prepared, particularly if you have a choice in which colour you would like to be seen in f x

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Dubarry will be the number one most wanted boot this autumn/winter…I guarantee it!!

When I launched exclusive footwear in 2005. Hunter was one of my key brands.. I think my observant competitors thought I was mad.. Well point proven and point now a little well worn (if you get my meaning..) There will always be a place for hunter wellies at exclusive footwear, and the new seasons styles are stunning, but I see a new trend a comin’… Dubarry is undoubtedly THE must have boot for the bad winter ahead… The Barbour..the Dubarrys. They are not cheap mind you..but I don’t think that will stop them flying out of the door and making them the new MUST have footwear this winter check out – we can source anything they have

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Petasil school shoes are my favourites for children

My sons have barely had a week into their summer holidays and already my mind is on school uniforms and shoes.  My mind is also on getting prepared for the stapede of mums, dads and children with feet ready for a new pair of school shoes.  We have several ranges of shoes to offer parents here at Exclusive Footwear, but my favourite brand so far has to be Petasil.  Petasil are made in Portugal and fit all types of feet like a dream.  On top of that – they look really good!! Very important in my mind! If you haven’t tried Petasil school shoes before then give them ago – Oh and don’t leave it too long.. school shoes have a way of selling out really quickly!

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MBT launch a super toning shoe

I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of MBT.. They have literally worked wonders on my legs and bot.. Not to mention my I need no conversion.  I wear an old style of MBT called the Chapa that MBT have been dying to get me out of (because I should really be wearing their latest designs) the thing is I LOVE my old chunky soled MBT’s they feel amazing and I can feel every muscle working as I walk.  So how surprised (and pleased) was I to see that MBT agree with me.  They are launching a “Super Shoe” at the end of this year – which looks amazing (having been designed by an award winning designer) but guess what – here is the old deep sole unit – back again in it’s full glory!!! I knew I was right!!! It’s not cheap though at over £250 – get saving – but do get some!! (If like me you want to wear them purely for toning and posture improvement)

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Oliver Sweeney is back in my favourites….

Exclusive Footwear was born out of my husbands (and consequently my) love of Oliver Sweeney shoes.  I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the brand and the Oliver Sweeney company, but Oliver has been very poorly of late and hasn’t had as much influence as he normally would have had in recent shoe designs… Until now…! The new stock that has arrived has been created using Oliver’s old shoe designs – see echos of Poitier and Bullet… Absolutely scrumptious Oliver Sweeney shoes and definitely worth adding to your collection! As ever the stock we have is made to order so is limited so grab them whilst you can.. Don’t forget to register with us for your 10% forever customer discount.

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