Treat Your Shoes Right

A lesson; in the damage caused by not treating your shoes right; but how they can be repaired if you don’t.

If you love your shoes, but can be a little bit careless when it comes to their maintenance, then here are three golden rules for shoe care; Only wear them every other day (at the most), to put shoe trees in them at the end of every use, and to polish them regularly. Not following the first one will make the shoes wear out far quicker than needed; ignoring the second will lead to shoes wrinkling and losing their shape; and not polishing will lead to the leather drying out as well as losing protection.

These shoes were wrinkled, scuffed and, most importantly, worn down severely on the heel and sole. The biggest danger with this wearing down is that both the full heel and the welt need to be replaced. Both are expensive; but the second point is this can only be done a few times on a pair of shoes – so by letting the damage get that far you are needlessly shortening their life.
The welts on the shoes were replaced as well as the heel, and a new full leather sole was added. Because of the excessive wear and lack of care, there were also a few places in which the leather had been worn down or lost its colouration. So it was cleaned, creamed and then antiqued to blend the new colour with the existing wear.

So… if you follow the few simple rules, your shoes will last longer and will prevent you from paying out unnecessary money.


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