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FitFlop Walkstar 3 – now at a super-dooper reduced price £29.95!

Exclusive Footwear have reduced all of their FitFlop Walkstar III stock down to £29.95 to celebrate the launch of their new website.  The FitFlop Walkstar has a super comfy leather upper and comes in silver, gold, black, bronze and oyster white.  Get on line to grab a pair now before they all sell out. we also have great price reductions on our wide range of ladies and mens FitFlops.


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New Exclusive Footwear Site Launches

Hi Everyone,


The team at Exclusive Footwear thought you might be interested to know that we have just relaunched our new look website.  The site is at the same address

Don’t be a stranger and come visit.

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Treat Your Shoes Right

A lesson; in the damage caused by not treating your shoes right; but how they can be repaired if you don’t.

If you love your shoes, but can be a little bit careless when it comes to their maintenance, then here are three golden rules for shoe care; Only wear them every other day (at the most), to put shoe trees in them at the end of every use, and to polish them regularly. Not following the first one will make the shoes wear out far quicker than needed; ignoring the second will lead to shoes wrinkling and losing their shape; and not polishing will lead to the leather drying out as well as losing protection.

These shoes were wrinkled, scuffed and, most importantly, worn down severely on the heel and sole. The biggest danger with this wearing down is that both the full heel and the welt need to be replaced. Both are expensive; but the second point is this can only be done a few times on a pair of shoes – so by letting the damage get that far you are needlessly shortening their life.
The welts on the shoes were replaced as well as the heel, and a new full leather sole was added. Because of the excessive wear and lack of care, there were also a few places in which the leather had been worn down or lost its colouration. So it was cleaned, creamed and then antiqued to blend the new colour with the existing wear.

So… if you follow the few simple rules, your shoes will last longer and will prevent you from paying out unnecessary money.

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More Cool Shoes

Just because you hoard cats doesn’t mean you can’t subscribe to Vogue. In other words, being a crazy cat lady doesn’t automatically make you a total freak. Get yourself a pair of Smoking Cat Shoes from Charlotte Olympia’s Fall 2011 collection. These velvet styles are available as pumps, flats, and sky high, super chic wedges. The fashionable feline footwear comes in red, leopard print, or black.

Charlotte Olympia has also created some other unusual designs:

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Weird and wonderful shoes

There have been some wonderful and wacky developments in the world of shoes lately. Here are some of the latest designs to tickle or torture your tootsies.

 Louboutin has created a shoe design to look like a shoe has been made up of a tape measure. The straps are calfskin, there’s a criss-cross ankle wrap with adjustable golden buckle, padded insole, leather lining, and a 4-inch heel. The signature Louboutin red sole is underneath.


And another: As part of his Autumn 2011 collection, Christian Louboutin will debut his golden lion paw pump. Definitely purrr-fect for the catwalk.

Lady Gaga in her black platforms with clear plastic penis heels by the British Label Void.

The Company United Nude has created a DIY shoe that looks rather uncomfortable and hard to assemble. United Nude created the shoe as part of an art project about space travel and the possibility of humans living on the moon in the future. The shoe collapses for compact lunar travel and the upper parts are interchangeable for customizing.

Check out these: Fashion student, Lisa Dillon from Bath Spa University near London, designed these heels out of stale bread and West Country cheddar as part of a competition to promote the region’s dairy industry. More melted and “molded” cheese makes up the embellishment on the toe of the shoes. Maybe not the most wearable shoes though.

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