Kelly From Fit Flop Tells All

Kelly, who is particularly tenacious, and whose FitFlop nickname is D.O.B (we’ll let you guess what that stands for) talks FitFlop covet:

If stranded in a damp, drafty, cold-weather type island, which one shoe/boot/slipper in FitFlop’s Winter Collection would you want to wear?
The short MUKLUK. No wait, maybe the tall MUKLUK. Did you say one? What’s the definition of ‘one’?

How would you style these? Paint us a picture.
Leggings, legwarmers (or scrunched down long socks), with an oversized check flannel shirt with waist belt. Or a nice, simple knee length knit turtleneck tube dress, wrappy neckscarf, and tonal tights. Let me count the ways…

What would you be willing to do to get a pair of these, supposing, for instance, they were in short supply?
I might be willing to compose a love sonnet about them. Ode to SHEEPSKIN?

And what’s your favourite colour? (Only of those available please, we don’t want mass confusion) And why?

What’s the best thing about working at FitFlop?
I get to try all the new FitFlop shoes, boots, sandals and slippers first… and quite often for free.

Can you tell us what D.O.B stands for?
Unfortunately not. That’s classified information that I’m not allowed to reveal. I can, however, regale you with everything you might ever need to know about our Microwobbleboard™ technology and toning.

To get any on the Fit Flop products pop in and see us in store, or visit our website

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