Stop Slipping

There is no disputing that Ugg boots are warm, but snow-proof?.. not exactally.

So if you have been slipping on icy paths this week you will appreciate WinterTrax – an invention that gives your slippy shoes all the snow-proof grip they need.

The £9 rubber casing stretches to fit over your normal shoe soles, which, once fitted, can tackle any surface.

Asda, which is selling the product, has already distributed WinterTrax among all of its home delivery drivers as part of a winter weather survival kit.’s Paul Stevens said that he expected the soles to sell out.

‘We know it’s not possible for our customers to avoid venturing out in snow and ice during winter time. So whether it’s taking the kids to school, doing a weekly shop or simply heading out to work each day, the WinterTrax are the new must have winter accessory to avoid the weather affecting people’s daily routines,’ he explained.

‘We are expecting them to fly off the shelves now that the whole nation is stocking up for the cold snap. There’s now no need to stay indoors this winter.’

So grab yours before they sell out or you fall down!


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